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USA Section of the Academy of Dentistry International

ADI Fellowship

A Fellowship in the Academy of Dentistry International is a distinctive honor that is bestowed only if the accomplishments of the nominee are truly outstanding. In order to maintain the stature of the Fellowship, the Academy's Committee on Credentials and Fellowship studies and evaluates each nominee. 

Upon approval, the Board of Regents awards the honor at a formal convocation ceremony usually in conjunction with a major dental meeting. 

Criteria for Fellowship

  • Have been active at least (5) five years in the practice of dentistry or in any related area of dentistry, such as teaching, administration, research or government services wherein remuneration is gained from such service. This restriction may be modified for exceptionally qualified candidates by approval of the Board of Regents.
  • Be a graduate of a dental school recognized by the appropriate professional accrediting body if such exists in the candidate's nation.
  • Be active in the dental profession and highly esteemed for integrity and character.
  • Be approved by regent in which the nominee resides and be approved by the appropriate membership committee.

Are you a dentist who is qualified and interested in becoming an ADI Fellow?

Do you know a colleague you would like to nominate for ADI?

The Academy may bestow Fellowship on a person who has notably contributed to the advancement of the dental profession in one or more ways, such as: Clinical Practice; Research; Education; Public Service; Literature of Journalism; and Service to the Profession.