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USA Section of the Academy of Dentistry International

Your Involvement makes a difference

Time to RENEW your USA-ADI Membership

Dear Fellow,

As we look forward to another year of progress, we are reminded to also reflect on our accomplishments and give thanks to those who have kept our organization vital. Thank you, active USA-ADI Fellows, for all that you do to further the goals of USA-ADI.

2019: A year to remember

USA-ADI has reached one year of transitioning into our newly structured USA section. Due to the transfer and restructuring of the Central Office to New York, the USA section has had to step up and take ownership of a lot of the functioning responsibilities previously run by the Central office.

  • In December of 2018, we incorporated as a nonprofit organization.
  • We developed our new website to address the needs of our section members.
  • We established our own bank accounts which allow us to collect dues and manage financial obligations directly.
  • The culmination of this transition was the Convocation meeting in San Francisco in September where we inducted 13 new fellows.

We aspire to make the USA section more active and responsive to the stated goals of the Academy which are Education, Volunteerism, Promoting Research, and Student Leader Mentorships.

The challenge for the Section has been how to effectively keep the Fellowship connected and motivated to be involved in activities of Academy. Towards this end we plan to increase the officers’ deck by appointing Vice Regents and Deputy Regents to help with membership outreach and in planning activities state by state. Those of you who are interested in helping us with these duties are invited to contact your Regent. Dues Under the current structure, dues collection begins on January 1 and membership expires expire on December 31 of each year. In the past, the predominant mode of contacting the membership was through a series of invoices. We are now transitioning towards an online mode of dues payment.

To meet this goal, we encourage our membership to:

  1. Login to access your membership profile.
  2. If you forgot your login or password, links at the bottom of the login page are used to retrieve or reset your login credentials. Enter the same email you used to join ADI. Or if needed, you may contact us with your current email address and we will manually reset your password for you.
  3. Once logged in, you can view or renew your membership, update your profile, and view ADI documents and the USA-ADI membership.
  4. In keeping with the times, we want to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible by eliminating the need for multiple mailable invoices.

The dues we collect through membership go to meeting a host of activities every year:

  • USA-ADI annual convocation and CE Seminars — Our annual convocation meeting is where we induct new fellows and host other activities,
  • Volunteer Seminars — USA-ADI has an ongoing collaboration with International College of Dentists with whom we conduct Volunteerism seminars across the country.
  • Student Leadership Awards — We honor and award Student leadership awards to seven dental schools. We hope to gradually increase this to other schools.
  • Publications — Twice a year we publish a Sectional Journal: The Informer, where most of our activities are reported on.


While we honor accomplishments of our fellow dentists by inviting them to join our Academy through Fellowship, the Academy work which we tout are usually the achievements of individual members done on their own time and dime.

Our goal is to be able to hold multiple Academy sponsored events in the Section, either CE courses, Volunteerism workshops, or helping select future leaders from amongst the Student Body and host Dental volunteer camps. In the coming year, we hope to invite and induct 24 new Fellows.

We are the most selective of all the honor societies, with an excellent roster of dedicated Fellow Members. We hope to continue to identify and invite potential fellows of similar caliber as you. We need your help in identifying those who you believe might share in our common goals. We are not in competition with the other societies in recruitment. We want to induct people into our small family who will enjoy participating in whatever capacity they see fit and enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie.

Please send in your nominations and encourage your nominees to complete the application process using the Nominate a Colleague form on this website.

We wish you the best for the holidays and the New Year. We hope to see you at our next gathering either in Chicago in February for the Mid-Winter meeting or Orlando in October for our Annual meeting.  The details of these events will be posted at www.usa-adi.org/events.

Your Involvement makes a difference

USA Section of the Academy of Dentistry International
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(818) 241-7544